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Maron♕Princess of the Moon Kingdom
Doushite Naite iru no~
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Maron♕Princess of the Moon Kingdom
05 June 2007 @ 03:22 pm
OMG!!! i finally could post something here!!!! T-T!!!! ureshii!!!

well this post is just to let you know, for now on i will post random Spanish posts...why, i´m suppose to practice english, so i have to practice ^^". sorry for those who don´t understand English very well u.u~

btw I´M SO FRIKIN MAD WITH LJ!! ¬¬ SINCE SATURDAY I CAN'T POST ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ¬¬#!!!! OMG ¬¬ WHY INNOCENT PEOPLE HAVE TO SUFFER!!!!!!!!!!!....i'm ok now ^^"

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